2016. szeptember 3., szombat

A picture of Corel X2 edited but other versions can be prepared


Plugin Mehdi -Sorting Tile
Plugin Xero -Flitirally 
Filter Unlimited Tramages -Pool Shadow 


1.   900X500-as transzparens Pour outgradient
2.   Foregrond : #9aa3ae  Background: #131a2a
3.   Material Linear:45 Repeat: 1
4.   Effects  Reflection Effects - Kaleidoszkop 

5.   Plugin Xero -Flitirally

6.   Layers Duplikate 
     Plugin Mehdi -Sorting Tile

     BlendMode  Overlay Opaciti 100%
     Effects Edge Effects-Enhance 
7.   Layers New Raster Layer Select All
8.   Copy deko tomorrov Paste Paste Into Selection
     Selecxt None BlendMode Luminance Legaci Opaciti 34%
9.   Copy Tube3492_Scenery_16_11_09_sdt
     Paste Paste As New Layers
10.  BlendMode Multiply 
     Effects  Image Effects -Offset 

     Effects Edge Effects -Enhance  Opaciti 75
11.  Copy LoveInMyHart_Collab_Yalana_PrelestnayaP3
     Select  All Slect Float Select Defloat
     Materials  change Foreground: #981849
     With this paint color for only the inscription
     Select None 
12.  Copy the picture painted Paste Paste As New Layers
     Image Resize 70% percent 
13.  Effects Image Effects-Offset 

     Layers Duplikae  Layers Merge Merge -Down
     Effects 3D effects -Drop Shadow 

14.  Copy cickadesign.@119 tube 
     Paste Paste As New layers Image Mirror 
     Image Resize 70% percent
15.  Effects Image Effects -Offset

     Effects 3D effects -Drop Shadow 

16.  Image Add Borders 3 pixel Foregrond:#9aa3ae
     Select All 
     Image Add Borders 40 pixe Background:#131a2a
     Select Invert 
17.  Filter Unlimited Tramages -Pool Shadow Default
     Select Invert 
18.  Effects 3D effects -Drop Shadow  

     Layers Arange Bring To Top
     BlendMode Dissovle Select None
     Layers Merge -Merge Visible
   Image Resize 900 pixels
      Save it in JPG format
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Thank you   Pauline